The all-inclusive hackathon for software developers, engineers, and tinkerers of all stripes.

Welcome to the Global Developer Challenge 2020! You will have one week to plan, design, and develop any software project and showcase it to other committed Challengers. 

You may develop anything—Alexa skills, simple games, APIs/frameworks, machine learning solutions, websites or web apps, statistical simulations, mobile applications, automated scripts, small lifehacks, or anything else. We encourage you to explore ideas you are genuinely passionate about and build things you might not feel like you can in other hackathons.

Have an idea for a practical, problem-solving hack? That's great! 

Want to just explore a concept you find fun and engaging? That's perfectly fine too!

Our aim is to stimulate creativity and skill development among the developer community with a fun, week-long sprint. Are you up for the Challenge?



Congrats to Offline Movement for being selected for the Grand Prize! 

Offline Movement is a mobile app that uses a peer-to-peer mesh network to connect smartphone users without cellular data or Internet, a crucial tool during disaster situations, protests, and other gatherings.

Some information about the team:

  • Victoria Nguyen is a medical student at Uniformed Services University and seeks to apply computer science innovations to medicine. She worked on the UI/UX for the application including Figma designs.
  • Layan Ibrahim is a Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology major at Emory University and combines her background in healthcare with the field of CS. She helped develop the idea behind the project and produce the video showcase
  • Mualla Argin is a CS major at Texas A&M and loves devising technological solutions to issues both global and local in scale. She contributed to the full stack of the project, from frontend to backend development.
  • Agnes Sharan is a graduate of the National Institute of Technology and worked on the idea phase and backend of the application.


Also, congrats to Milind Shah for developing Sage, the winner of our Beginner Prize! Sage is a simple web app that uses Facebook's Prophet platform to model univariate time series, right in your browser.

For more on our winning projects and other submissions, view our Submissions page.


Participants must join our Slack group for updates and additional instructions.


UPDATE: CloudSploit is an official sponsor of the Challenge!

CloudSploit has offered prizes for all registrants, as well as special awards for winners. Check out the updated prizes section!

Learn more: CloudSploit is a security and configuration scanner that can detect thousands of threats in your cloud accounts.

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Special thanks to our mentors and judges for their help!


Anyone at least of high school age and up may compete in the Challenge. Team sizes are capped at eight members, but working individually is perfectly fine.


We require a link to an open source repository to access your code, such as GitHub. 

A big component of excellent software design is presentability. You should include a repository Readme or construct your Devpost submission so that you effectively showcase your project. This could mean: non-technical explanation, documentation section, code examples, and/or visuals, as applicable.

Optional: you may also submit a video of up to 3 minutes in length pitching your project. But this should be additional to the previous paragraph's instructions.

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$10,690 in prizes

All Participants

- NEW: One month FREE of CloudSploit's Standard tier just for registering!

- Credits for major cloud platforms (Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Alibaba Cloud) for secure storage, app deployment, API calls, and web hosting.

- 6 free months of 60+ Educative courses covering in-demand topics like Web Development, Python, Java, and Machine Learning

- Web hosting with PHP, MySQL, FTP and free .tech and .me domains.

- 5000 calls/month Image APIs for Clarifai face recognition and detection

- Supportive community composed of other developers, hackers, and bright thinkers.

Grand Prize

NEW: 4 FREE months of CloudSploit's Standard Tier service

Get personalized feedback from SWE and ML engineers on how to launch your project from the prototype stage to a full-fledged release.

- Winners featured front-and-center on website and social media along with their projects! We'll be interviewing winners afterwards to find out more about their computer science journey.

- Bragging rights. You're a Grand Prize winner of the Global Development Challenge!

Finalist Prize

Get personalized feedback from SWE and ML engineers on how to launch your project from the prototype stage to a full-fledged release.

- Winners featured on website and social media along with their projects!

- Bragging rights. You're a Finalist of the Global Development Challenge!

Beginner Award

Awarded to the best project among first-time hackathon participants.

Winner featured on website / social media along with their project.

Popular Choice

Chosen by participants!

Devpost Achievements

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GDC Team

GDC Team
Global Developer Challenge

Judging Criteria

  • IDEA
    How creative or interesting is the idea? Does the project exhibit passion, authenticity, and ingenuity? What sets it apart from existing work?
    How effectively was the idea implemented? What is the complexity and scope of the project?
    How useable and understandable is the project? Is it presented in a clear way? Does the code reflect good software design principles? Is the project extensible?

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